At the end of the Reception

For 2021 bookings only:-

All good things do come to an end at some point. Our entertainment licence stipulates all receptions must stop, without exception, by 12.00am on Fridays & Saturdays and by 11.00pm on Sundays to Thursdays (inclusive of Bank Holidays). No music may be played or drinks served (whether from a free or cash bar) after these times. Guests are requested to vacate Friars Court within the hour after the end of the reception. Cars may be left overnight although we ask that they are gone by no later than 11.00am the following day.


Friars Court is located in a rural area so we strongly advise pre-booking taxis early in the day or, if possible, prior to the day. You are very unlikely to secure a taxi for midnight by ordering one at 10.00pm on the reception night! If a group of you are booked into the same hotel or area do consider a 7-seat car or mini-bus, these are cheaper and, often, more reliable in keeping to the booked time.

  • Aston Private Hire: Aston, Nr Bampton - 07778 452 236
  • Bampton Cars: Bampton - 01993 851 900
  • Brian’s Hire: Faringdon - 01367 242 000
  • Carterton Taxis: Carterton - 01993 764 304
  • Charlie’s Taxis: Carterton - 01993 845 253
  • Abacus Taxis: Witney - 01993 709 188
  • Angela’s Taxis: Witney - 01993 771 072/ 771 122
  • Damo's Taxis: Witney - 01993 703 322
  • Damo's Taxis: Carterton - 01993 847 071
  • Ringo's Taxis: Witney - 01993 779 279

Please note that if for whatever reason guests have not left the site one hour after the end of the reception that an additional charge will be deducted from the Bridal parties Security Bond.