Advice and Information

This section’s about "things to bear in mind" as well as answers to those questions guests often ask (things like parking, loos and confetti) so, hopefully, here’s where you'll find the answers you were looking for. We’ll start with the reason for being here: something about civil wedding ceremonies...

Outdoor weddings are increasingly popular so it may well be that 'your' bride and groom are hoping to celebrate their ceremony in one of our three outdoor locations. If they are, then there are a few things to bear in mind:

  • The Rose Arbour is our most popular outdoor location so with grass under-foot it could be worth investing in heel-stoppers to preserve those high heels.
  • The English climate being what it is, a warmer jacket or shawl and an umbrella could be wise - "just in case".
  • The registrars will try to ensure that an outside wedding does, indeed, take place outdoors but, sometimes, the weather may have other ideas. The Registrars will make the final decision so be prepared for a last-minute change of location with the disruption and scene-changing that that entails.
  • Outdoor ceremony areas don't have number restrictions unlike those indoors. If an outdoor ceremony has to be relocated inside and guest numbers exceed the Fire Officer's permitted room capacity some guests may have to view the ceremony from outside the actual marriage room – usually from under a canopy or marquee which the couple will have hired for that very purpose.

Other things to note:

  • We're one of the few venues not to object to confetti, but please ensure it is 100% biodegradable (rice-paper or dried petals) otherwise we may have to charge the bride and groom for any clean-up afterwards. And do bear in mind that some dark-coloured confetti may be dyed so be wary around white dresses!
  • For those who like to know about loos we have: two cubicles in the ladies, a cubicle and two urinals in the gents and a wheel-chair access loo with baby-changing table all located in the Garden Room.
  • Friars Court does not host evening receptions. If booked for a wedding breakfast reception all guests must have departed no later than 8pm.
  • Car may only be left overnight by pre-arangement only.
  • By law smoking is not permitted in any buildings or covered areas.
  • As a licensed venue guests are expressly forbidden to bring or consume any alcohol other than that provided by the bar. 
  • If you are bringing a gift to the wedding do be sure that the gift-label is securely fastened so the bride and groom know whom to thank afterwards!
  • As Clanfield is in a rural area mobile 'phone signals for different networks do vary. Friar Court does provide guest wi-fi but owing to all the solid stone walls signal strength may be weak or patchy.
  • As Friars Court is a private house aside from the public loos there are no rooms available for guests to change.
  • Due to Health & Safety and insurance restrictions fireworks, bonfires and sky lanterns are not permitted.
  • Only service dogs are permitted on site and we would appreciate knowing in advance that one is coming.
  • The Bride & Groom have signed a contract and paid a security bond as part of their hire of Friars Court. Any breach of that contract through damage or disruption to our house or garden by theft, accidental negligence or willful intent may be deducted from their bond.
  • The owners and employees of Friars Court accept no responsibility for loss, damage or injury to persons or their property whilst on the premises.

And finally…..

  • We trust you will respect our home as much as you would your own and we hope you enjoy a special day.